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New Website Launching 2024

Hey, I'm Alicia - a wedding photographer with a studio in Baltimore, Maryland. I'm a sap for: nostalgia, polaroid cameras, industrial venues, greenhouses, ambience, a theme, emotional connections, making art out of memories, black & white photos and "the aesthetic".


 If you're here because you want to print out creative, intuitive and emotive photos of the fun, laughter, tears and love filled moments on your wedding day, then we are a absolutely good fit, let's connect.

My approach to photography is: visual storytelling, with a style that is a mix of documentary and editorial. I capture things as they unfold and I find value in every detail that tells the story of your wedding day. To me, your gallery of photos is art, a curated body of work, unique to your story.

I've been a photographer for over 10 years and photographed over 300 weddings. I thrive off of a connection with people - I want you to have a dang good time during the process of us working together.

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