heyyy! i'm alicia

about you:  

You're planning a fun, eclectic and modern wedding with quirky touches and warm happy vibes. You're here because you want bomb ass photos capturing all the real fun, real tears, real laughs and real love filled moments from your wedding day.

about me: 

I'm a wifey, mama, dog mom and plant lady who's probably buying another cactus while you read this. I thrive off of a connection with people, it's important that we are a good fit because I want you to have a damn good time during the process of us working together!

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full-time gig


part-time gig

website designer

straight facts:

+ free spirit + type a

+ social butterfly

+ love child of tracee ellis ross + johnathan van ness

+ hometown: baltimore, maryland 

+ wife to nick (6 years married!!!)

+ mama to brooke (age 5) and blake (age 2)

+ dog mom to lily and luke

+ published wedding and editorial photographer

+ education: environmental science and chemistry

+ gig before photography: project manager

+ still mad they discontinued the original BBQ Fritos
+ enamel pin collector

+ DNA Results: ibuprofen + caffeine

​+ Actual DNA Results: german + african american

+ sorted into ravenclaw

+ spontaneous traveler, gimme that window seat
+ fashion staples: statement earrings + bold lipstick

+ all of the velvet + sequins

+ wardrobe resembles: coven member

+ happy hour order: margarita, prosecco or blue moon

+ 90's hip-hop and r&b always

+ will buy that cactus over there

+ calm + loud + confident + humble

+ quality over quantity

serving Maryland, Pennsylvania and anywhere with palm trees

office hours: M-F

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  baltimore, maryland  

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