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10x10 Album Set

10x10 Album Set

- Set of two 10x10 wedding albums

- 25 spreads

- 100 image choices total

- Thick lustre layflat paper

- Choice of leathe or linen cover


  • You have put time and energy into choosing the perfect images that reflect the feel and heart of your day! Your album should last forever with just a little bit of care and thought.

    •  Do not store your album where it may be subject to extreme heat, direct sunlight or humidity. These may cause warping of the cover and pages.
    • Be careful of spilling liquids on it. Treat it like a Gremlin and don’t get it wet. When cleaning your wedding album use a dry, soft, lint-free cloth to wipe away dust and finger prints.
    • Lay them flat to relieve pressure on the binding. Keeping it flat is best. I recommend storing your album face up on a clean, flat surface. 
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