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My styling kit for weddings is constantly evolving. I try not to spend too much time photographing "things" over humans but when you invest in the details for your wedding day I want to capture the items you put time, though and money into so it is also forever remembered through photos. I have collected items over the years that are a mix of colorful and practical so that I can elevate the look and vibe of the styled flat lays I do. I used to heavily photograph details because when it comes to getting published blogs/magazines are all about details that inspire future couples getting married with awesome ideas. More recently I don't focus on them as much unless I know the couple wants to be published :) This kit is also great for styled shoots! I love being able to tie in a color palette or theme using items in my bag.

It wasn't until recently I noticed that couples pay attention to what is in my kit! I had a bride request me using my stamp collection :) which makes me so happy because that just might be my favorite backdrop for ring shots. And I know some people think ring photos are cheesy or overdone but if I didn't love all things wedding and marriage then I wouldn't be doing this job!

Hangers are always in my styling bag because they are one of the most forgotten items. I have 3 of those black/camel reversible totes for all my wedding/portrait sessions needs. One for styling kit and items, one for spare shoes and clothes and one to throw stuff in and out of based on my needs. Which could be anything from bug spray to rain gear to snacks.

Almost everything you see here can be found on Etsy or Amazon!

Ring Boxes: The Mrs. Box and Esselle SF

Styling Boards: Curio & Oak

Here's my use of the styling kit at a real wedding! I added these items to compliment the items my amazing bride provided: velvet ribbon, gold scissors, ring box, wax seals, stamps, ring dish


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