The National Hotel Miami Wedding // Laura + Michael // Travel Wedding Photographer

I'm back in Orlando for another mini vacation with my girls before weddings start this weekend. This is my 3rd trip to Florida this year and I'm loving it here. I'm no fan of humidity but all the palm trees make my heart sing. Orlando is cool but Miami is and I cannot WAIT to return. I took a photo of every single palm tree I walked by (I am not exaggerating, I will spare you the overload in this post). Laura and Michaels wedding was the perfect way to start 2018 and I can't get over the details. They met in Miami and lived there for 10 years together, it was only fitting that they returned for their wedding day. They got ready together in the 2-story penthouse suite, the view was insane. Right before the trip to the church everyone had a champagne toast in the lobby! (side note: even the church was surrounded by palms and there were tinier palms inside!!!!!!) The head table was made of glass and I think my jaw literally dropped, and the infinity pool..just scroll down, you'll see...basically I was blown away with how fun and unique their wedding was. I am so happy to be back to traveling for weddings and meeting so many amazing people!


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