Lincoln Memorial Engagement // Natana + Adenrele // Washington DC Portraits

This was my first time at Lincoln Memorial so I followed the crowd a little bit, parked my car, walked to the memorial, sat on the steps, pulled my phone and camera out to take a photo and waited for Captain America to do his morning run. Not really, if you're into Marvel Comics then you get that reference haha. But I did follow along what everyone else was doing, taking photos of the monument in front of the beautiful sunrise. I love sunrise for city locations, you usually avoid a crowd but that also means 5am wakeup calls which aren't my favorite. And bless Natana, she was up at 4am to get her makeup done! We lucked out with perfect weather for the e-sesh and I am hoping the same for their upcoming wedding! I have a little ritual where I talk to the skies before sessions and wedding and I am convinced it works :)

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