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We moved! It's been long overdue since becoming a family of 6. I loved our apartment in many ways because it's cozy and all on one floor (ideal for laundry!). I am happy we have more space now because that means no more dining room office! In our apartment my office started in the living room, then moved to the bedroom and after I moved out of my studio it took over the whole dining room. My office is now our smallest bedroom in our new home and I think that will be a great thing to be able to separate when needed. Before we were married I moved a lot and since marriage we have moved a decent amount of times too, I feel like in search of the perfect area. Our new house is actually across the street from the townhome we lived in when Brooke was born, it's sentimental because we became parents in this neighborhood.

If there is one thing you should know about me by now (if you follow me on social media) I am an neat freak with some mild OCD tendencies. I am not a person who can move and slowly unpack. Every time we move I have my accent walls painted same day and the whole home unpacked and decorated within 2 days. I'm impatient and can't function in chaos, I need an organized home. I included some images from the rest of our home as well. We are far from full on minimalist but over the years I have tried to keep our furniture and decor very simple. You would think because I love so many bright bold colors that our home would be a color explosion but I actually prefer more neutral tones at home, our entire house is black, white, green, mixed metals and mixed woods...with the exception of the girls mint and blush pink bedroom! (Which looks different now because Brooke got a big girl bed).

My pin collection got a new home! Much better than the box they lived in. I keep 4 pin backs out at all times so I can rotate them on my jean jacket to match my mood :)

I planted a mini garden and we finally have a space for all of the outdoor toys!

Brooke has a new twin size bed so we flipped the room around to make it fit and stored that toddler bed in the shed until Blake outgrows her crib.

And this is how it normally looks. Toys and laundry everywhere always.

These are meant for nail polish in salons but my oils fit too!

This bathroom is SO tiny so we made it Brooke's bathroom and of course she chose pink!


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