Life, Lately. // Happy Birthday!

Last month we hosted a double birthday party for Brooke and Blake! It was one of those rare Saturdays I have off and although it was planned super last minute I am so excited we got to celebrate them both on one day surrounded by our close family and friends! I asked Brooke what type of party she wanted and she said "pink fruity princess ballerina with 'mingos!" (that's her way of saying flamingo). I was so excited to finally host a Flamingle and use cheesy phrases like "don't get too flocked up" when referencing the sangria we made :) When it comes to holidays and family celebrations in our lives, Nick and I are very low key. He is not into big decor at all but my spirit animal is always saying "yasss, be extra!". I throw so much of my energy and creativity into my business that I just do not have it in me to go all out for personal stuff very often. I want to change that because this party was so fun to plan and I can't believe our girl are ONE and FOUR! It feels surreal sometimes that we are parents but we are beyond blessed and grateful for these girls. They are perfect and very much loved by the people around them!

To Brooke: Our Queen, you made us parents 4 years ago on November 15th! You came into this world with glitter in your veins and fire in your heart. You're fierce, beautiful, vibrant, wild, bold, independent, funny, brilliant, sassy and kind. We are so proud of you for taking on school and ballet like a boss babe. Happy Birthday!!!

To Blake: Our Goddess, one year ago on October 20th you rocked our world in the best way. Not only are you incredibly gorgeous but you're little quirks melt our hearts. Your laughs, determination and fiery spirit are inspiring and we can't wait to watch your little personality shine through more baby girl!

In true Brooke fashion, she of course had several outfit changes for each event :)


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