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A few months ago we traveled to California for work and it doubled as a family vacation! 6 days in Cali was much AMAZING and a much needed mental break at the time to refresh + reset. The wedding I was photographing was in San Diego (photos here) so we flew into that airport and drive out to Palm Springs for the first part of our trip and I have to say that it was probably my favorite part. I have dreamed of visiting one of the Saguaro hotels for years and all my bright colorful dreams came true! I will say that the dessert is not for me, its beautiful, and I did see so much wild cactus I wanted to re-home but it reached 118 degrees our second day there. Here on the east coast we get slightly unbearable humidity and while dry heat is a little more bearable I can't begin to describe how much we sweated, 118 degrees is 118 degrees haha! The second part of our trip was to San Diego for the wedding I photographed in gorgeous Del Mar right on the beach! The next day we hit the road for a trip up to San Francisco! Normally at 7.5ish hour drive was more like 9 hours because kids require a lot of stops! I photographed two engagement sessions (photos here and here) at Lands End park for my couples who get married here in Maryland but live in SF! What are the chances I have 3 couples living in California but getting married here this year!? After some hiking and taking in the unreal views we stayed in SF overnight because there was no way we would travel back same day. I let hubby choose the hotel and we had some of the best food at the restaurant hotel! I'm all about room service because it's often more affordable and definitely more convenient! The next day we drove back to San Diego and passed all of the glorious farms again on the way. We spent the last couple days of our trip in San Diego and got to visit Balboa park which is home to the San Diego museum and 16 museums! I was there for the Cactus Garden but the street artists, tram around the park, conservatory and museums were an added bonus! While the flight there was stressful with a toddler and baby I am so grateful for that trip with my family!

We got in late at night, the dessert is pitch black and the hotel was hard to make sense of in the dark, once we woke up and saw it in the sunshine it took my breath away! The hotels restaurant, El Jefe, was AMAZING! I had so many horchata lattes!

Yes, we stalked peoples homes like creeps. Shoutout to hubby for driving so I could snap photos :) And let it be known that I will drop it like it's hot for some key lime pie, this pie from a free range chicken restaurant was the best I have ever had in my life!

Overall this was the best vacation ever! I'm so happy to have these memories


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