Life, Lately. // Baby # 2!

I can't believe I am typing these words but we are so excited to announce baby number 2 is a GIRL!!!!

We most definitely weren't planning to get pregnant just yet I had just started my self health journey in January and thought it would take months to even get close to being able to get pregnant. It's been a long road, and there were times I have convinced myself that just one child is enough for me because we won't get this lucky twice. But that all changed one Friday afternoon. I was just about to get Brooke from school and I was sitting on our bathroom floor simultaneously screaming/crying/laughing because on the counter in front of me was a positive pregnancy test. I don't know why I took that test, I was Spring cleaning and found it in a box, I had not missed a period and was due for another in 6 days so a positive test was just not possible. After I peeled myself off the bathroom floor I stared in the mirror for a long time asking questions like "how is this possible?", "when did I get pregnant?", "how far along am I?" "what if I am not really pregnant?"...that last question stuck with me, see I thought for sure that all the pain and nausea I was having was ovarian cancer finally coming for me, after all the years of cysts and surgeries and Endometriosis and PCOS I just knew that my reproductive system was finally giving up. I called my mama asking her how can I be pregnant when I haven't missed a period and she assured me anything is possible. So she went and picked up Brooke from school and brought me 2 more pregnancy tests. Both positive. Even after I took 3 positive tests I didn't believe I was pregnant, I went to the hospital for answers because surely I had cancer or something wrong causing a positive test....but a urine test, blood test and ultrasound confirmed I was 8 weeks pregnant.

This time around I did these things to jumpstart my reproductive system to work in my favor:

1. I had surgery to remove endometriosis growths a year and a half ago. The pain everyday was unbearable and the surgery gave me some mild relief. But during surgery they found my right ovary was damaged and blocked. I expected that because I once had an ovarian cyst so massive it had to be removed from my right ovary surgically. So here I was with one ovary just hoping it would give me another baby. I was prepared to put in some serious work to get pregnant again, my left ovary gave me Brooke so surely it could give me another baby. I started a self-health journey so I could have at least one more child before I closed up shop and got a hysterectomy. It was a short lived journey though haha, 3 weeks in I was knocked up and clueless about it!

2. Not something we did but: February is our month. We conceived in February with babies that stuck TWICE. So I'm just chalking it up to a magical month. It's actually the month we started dating so it's a lucky month.

3. Essential oils. I was using a fertility blend to help with ovarian cysts. PCOS is an SOB to deal with pain wise so I was trying to shrink cysts naturally with oils. (Clary sage, Geranium, Frankincense, Rosemary, Myrrh...mixed with Castor Oil in a rollerball)

4. The Endometriosis/ PCOS diet. This diet is just hard to follow but I did my best. No soy, no caffeine, no processed foods, no fried foods, no dairy, no red meat, no carbs, no alcohol. I mostly just ate salmon or shrimp with lots of veggies to keep it simple. Also fruit and lots of water. That diet is out the window now because morning sickness really limits what I can keep down.

5. Exercise. I started going to the gym daily. I didn't do too much as I was trying to get used to it. Just some cardio, some strength training, some yoga and an awesome flexibility class. Combined with the diet I lost 13 lbs quickly in a few weeks.

6. Colon Hydrotherapy. I'm so happy I discovered Vita Revive before our wedding. It's so close to home that I could walk there. I have gone for colon hydrotherapy so much over the years and it's brought so much relief from endo symptoms. At my last appointment the owner told me that the I would be pregnant soon because I did a whole detox package, I guess that was a good sign because she was right!

7. Up Do's For I Do's. I know you're probably like "how did a bridal hair studio get you pregnant?" but I swear on my first day working Ashley and Caitlin told me that every receptionist before me has gotten pregnant. I thought "that's a weird coincidence" and then BAM I was immediately pregnant.

I am in no way saying that if you are having trouble getting pregnant that you should do these things, this is just what worked for my body. I feel so blessed to be able to carry another baby. I of course worry constantly and won't have any ease of mind until our baby is in my arms but I'm so grateful to do this again. The timing could not be more perfect because once again I'll have a baby in wedding off season and get to enjoy a few months at home with my loves!!!

A special thank you to my friend Lisa Robin Photography for taking this fun photos for us!!!

And shoutout to our sweet girl on her first successful confetti toss! Go Brooke!


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