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On our way home from Ocean City last Thursday we were in a terrible car accident that left us down a hill in a ditch in the pouring rain. We hydroplaned off the road and spun around several times before bouncing down a the grace of God our SUV did not flip as it was bouncing and sliding. My husband and I both agree we should not have walked away from that accident but we are so very blessed that neither of us or our one year old daughter was injured. Our SUV took a beating though, with broken axles and bent wheels plus a few big dings. We are waiting to hear back about the damage but we assume it's totaled or needs some major repair. I've been a hermit crab since that day, I only left the house for my friends bridal shower and once yesterday to grocery shop. This was our first serious accident and I must admit it has me a bit shaken up. I've done nothing but sit at my computer desk because throwing myself into work is my comfort zone. I'm in the middle of a few projects and some big changes for my business, all good changes :)

While doing my scheduling and blogging for the week I popped in this memory card and the beach images popped up, I had forgot all about them. Before the accident we were having an amazing time together as a family and I am so happy I get to re-live it through these photos. It's brought me out of this funk I was in. I'm trying to be optimistic but honestly, I am still a little down. Our baby girl, Brooke is her normal super-happy, carb-loving, dance-machine self. I always try to take a moment to see the world through her eyes, she has an honest soul with a kind heart, the world has not affected her yet. Her biggest hardships have been teething and being told no when she runs out on the balcony stark naked with a fruit cup. After our accident we had to wait by the police station with all of our belongings to be picked up, we had every single item that was in our SUV piled across a sidewalk and I was feeling so upset and scared...and there was Brooke, running in a field with her deflated ball that got popped in the accident. She was happy as can be, she could walk and run and see and laugh and's all about perspective.


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