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For some reason I have it in my head that I have been running my business full-time for two months, and that's my response when asked. It's actually been almost FIVE MONTHS! Whoa, that went by quickly. I thought I would ease right in to being a stay at home mama and everything would be sunshine and rainbows now that I am living the dream. I was so wrong, some days are truly perfection :) but some days I really struggle.

#1. Life with a toddler is unpredictable. I've spent most days winging it. We have a schedule that plans out everything from breakfast to play time to the gym to naps to bedtime and some days we stick to it but some days we simply can't. Babies get sick, there's endless chores, teething, new eating habits, meltdowns, new favorite toys, disobedience, changing behavior and tiny human preferences. There are so many things that keep you on your toes and I was becoming very stressed when trying stick to both my mommy schedule and work schedule.

#2. Reality check. My mommy schedule triumphs everything. Period. End of discussion. I thought with all this new free time that I could schedule everything and anything and work so much more. Again, I was wrong. My (stay at home dad) hubby was no longer there as built in childcare. I actually can't do anything during the week any more and it has taken me to this point to realize it. If I can't bring my daughter or have someone watching her in the evening then it is probably not happening. And that is okay, the best part of running your own business is running it how you want to run it. So I decided I will only be doing portrait sessions on select days and shooting weddings on the weekend of course. Trying to juggle random scheduling was not best for me or my family.

#3 My work schedule and workflow is pretty kick ass, when I stick to it. Not to toot my own horn but I have spent years perfecting my workflow. I have tasks for everyday of the week and recently was able to chop my editing turnaround time in half. I'm a self professed workaholic. To be honest, I REALLY struggle without my 9-5 corporate job-working mom-entrepreneur tasks. It takes so much discipline to stay on schedule for yourself. So yea, some days there are things that adjust my work schedule. Heck sometimes I just need a day to myself on the couch binge watching movies with Chinese food and extra 18 hours of sleep wouldn't hurt either.

#4 Running a business can be scary both financially and just in general sometimes. Your success is completely dependent on you. But I don't want to be a shitty mom or wife at the cost of having a thriving business. So I have learned to start saying no to things I know will not work within my schedule and this week I am implementing my new calendar.

#5 Taking care of myself is the most important thing. Your workload can sometimes feel crippling and give you anxiety when you have a screaming toddler climbing up your leg at your desk while you are drafting contracts and writing emails. I keep no more than 3 things in my editing queue now = huge stress relief right there. I walk my dogs and go to the dog park...and I walk my baby to the playground...and I go to the gym...and we eat healthy home cooked meals most of the time...and we go out to do things... and travel... and we go swimming... and we go visit family and friends. I have a life for once, something I so craved when I was on-the go working 24/7. I feel so happy, even on really bad days I am beyond thankful for so much.


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