Valley Country Club Wedding // Second Shooting Series

I never felt the need to do anything with the photos from weddings I second shot for another photographer. I won't be sharing all of the weddings I second shoot just some that left me feeling like I learned so much from them. This wedding was at Valley Country Club in Towson (I love weddings close to home!) and I worked with Ashton Kelley Photography again at this one and had a blast.


This isn't exactly new to me but it's something I am constantly thinking of. This should be obvious but I can't tell you how many times I've done a mini sprint when I realized I was in the shot. I am always on the look out to see if I am in the way. Yes, I am there to second shoot but that doesn't mean the shot I am trying to get is more important in anyway so always look around for the other photographer, and if there is aa videographer definitely be mindful of them too!


You might be thinking, 'duh Alicia', but what I mean by that is bring most of the gear you would bring to your own wedding. When I second shoot I used to bring the following: 1 camera body, 2-3 lenses and 1 flash. I thought of it like this: I am just here to second shoot and I basically am the backup so why do I need to pack everything I normally pack. Here's why: because your backup needs a backup. What if something awful were to happen with the main photographers OCF setup during a reception and all you had was one little flash? You could save the day or you could both struggle. I know unfortunate things going wrong are rare, but what if? That wasn't the case at this wedding but it's something I have thought about over the last few months.

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