Oxon Hill Manor Wedding // Second Shooting Series

After having raw files sit on my computer for a year I decided to start this series on second shooting with other wedding photographers and share tips/advice on things I have learned. I think second shooting has opened my mind to so many different things from being able to see the many many ways other people shoot weddings and interact with their clients. This was my very first time at Oxon Hill Manor and I think it's safe to say it is in my top 5 favorite venues right now. I second shot for Kealy Creative and this was our first time working together, so many firsts at the wedding :) So here's what I took away from this wedding...


There have been many times where I thought just getting a different angle of a shot was helpful but you basically end up with the same exact photo with one a little off to one side. This is sometimes the case if you are portfolio building and want almost all of the same shots but at this wedding I learned it's okay to work separate. That also comes with asking the main photographer what their preferences are. Some want you by their side and some are okay with you running around capturing candids in a different areas. I try to get a very different angle now or capture the in-between moments.


I've been to the DC area plenty of times and there are two things I always know for sure. ONE: there's most likely parking to be paid and it's not cheap and finding somewhere to park can be difficult. TWO: Traffic.... Knowing the area you are going to can be super helpful in time management and if you are unsure of anything always ask the main photographer. This is common sense for most but what if I had never been to DC before? I would have been two hours late and came back to my car only to see it was towed because I didn't look at signs, haha.

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