Overhills Mansion Wedding // Second Shooting Series

I got to shoot this wedding at Overhills Mansion with Chanel Photography last year. It was so much fun working with her and the wedding was beautiful. It has been such an amazing learning experience to second shoot with so many different photographers in the area. Sharing my second shooting images along with a couple tips as made me feel like I am doing something productive with them even though they were from a long time ago.


This isn't something I learned but more of something I observed. We all have our go to lenses, I could honestly probably shoot an entire wedding with my 50mm lens, I don't, but I could. So say you and the main shooter both favor the same lens...you're working side by side and you're getting different angles but everything is the same exact focal length. There's no variety. I personally love to get close-ups just as much as I love to shoot super wide. But what happens if we are both shooting close-up and there's no full body shots? I mean that's rare but hypothetically :) I don't switch my lens every time I see the main shooter switch their lens but I try to be aware of what focal length I am shooting at when second shooting because I want to offer something different and not that same exact photo.


That's probably common sense but I have learned common sense is not all that common. I can't remember exactly what I was doing with the bouquets but it was something that was taking about 5 minutes per bouquet right before the wedding started. I am sure Chanel would have done the same but she was shooting and that was much more important to be capturing those moments. So whether it be helping the bridal party with something, carrying stuff, running an errand or grabbing a glass of water for the main shooter, just try to be helpful. Yes, you are there to second shoot but you are also there to help the main shooter. Be nice to their couple and the guests and the venue staff, you are representing the main shooter when you're hired.

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