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Taking time for yourself is something very hard to do when you own a business. You become the CEO, CFO, President, Vice President, Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll, Customer Service, Sales, Technical Support and so on....all by yourself, all in one. You work 60-100 hours a week and self control with sticking to a schedule is a must. I promised myself when I quit my full-time job that I wouldn't let my business swallow me whole, I told myself there would be boundaries and I would take care of ME enough so I could stay happy and healthy for myself, family and clients. There were days I would roll out of bed to brew a pot of coffee and begin working immediately. I didn't shower or eat or take care of my home...I would feed and change my baby then bring all her toys next to my desk so I could work. I'm not proud of that time in my life, I felt like a super shitty wife & mom but my business was thriving. I took a step back and literally spent months winding down and "repairing" my mind and body, I learned it's okay to respond to emails during a set time and not every 2 minutes and it's okay to sit down and play with my daughter in her room for longer than 20 minutes...

Over the weekend I shot 7 portrait sessions + 2 weddings + delivered a final wedding gallery and on top of normal life stuff. It's nothing out of the usual since I work weekends and mostly stay in during the week but I was beat. I came home in between sessions excited to post sneak peeks and to rest my aching feet. I woke up on Monday very sore and exhausted but I knew I had to stick to my normal blogging and social media schedule.......then I ditched it and drove up to Philadelphia with Brooke to spend the day with my friend Natalie and new friend Sarah. Yea, I was so tired that I could have fell asleep if I closed my eyes longer than 6 seconds but I needed some time to relax and explore. I love to travel and I love to take photos of the world around me, so I am happy I decided to take a day. We walked around South St and ate at Copabanana and Big Gay Ice Cream! So much yum :)


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