Spring Hill Manor Wedding // Second Shooting Series

I've had the raw images from second shooting weddings with other photographers sitting on my computer for a year now, unsure of what to do with them. I have so many of my own weddings to use in my portfolio that I've never really needed them for anything. Well, over the off-season they finally came in handy as a way to try new editing techniques. I learn so much from second shooting and with every wedding I edited I wrote down 2 things I learned from second shooting with other photographers to share on the blog!

This wedding was shot at Spring Hill Manor with Ashton Kelley Photography. This was actually the first time we met and I am so happy we did. I've shot a few wedding with her since then, we opened a studio together in Baltimore AND she recently asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, so this wedding is special and I am sharing it first :)


I can't tell you how many time I have kicked myself while culling because I shot way too much, like way way too much. I've always felt the need to keep shooting so I stay busy and the end result is 15 of the same image. I try to be very aware of this while second shooting, because the photographer I am working for has to cull my images too. I'll never shoot more than 2 variations of the same frame and I won't hand over blurry images, out of focus images or images with poor lighting. There's no need to create more work for someone else.


Unless you need the photos for your portfolio or you really really really love something I would just save the raw files of second shooting jobs for a time you're not busy. For me, that was a year of saving. It's a great way to try something new with editing or give you something to do in the off-season. Heck, maybe create a blog series about second shooting ;) I had been working on presets for ACR (Adobe Camera Raw - I only edit in Photoshop) and I finally took the time to tweak them to my liking. One click editing is real and possible sometimes!

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