Life, Lately. // I'm 27!

I feel like I have always had the best birthday ever. After all I grew up getting presents two day in a row, every kids dream! But now I am one that does not like to celebrate in a big way, I see it as a day to take off and rest...maybe do dinner with my family. What I really want to do on my birthday is indulge in sushi and wine while watching movie marathons of Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games and Star Trek but sometimes I like to go out. I haven't decided what I will do this year, I guess we will see how the day unfolds :) A couple days ago my studio-mate, Ashton of Ashton Kelley Photography, and I wandered over to Canton Waterfront Park to snap some celebratory photos since we share the same Christmas Eve birthday! We had so much fun and I even got to model my new House of Flynn bag! I am so obsessed with my black bag but this rose gold is surely becoming my favorite. Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!


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