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I am completely and 100% comfortable behind the camera but put me in front of it and I have no idea what to do, awkward! It's so easy to guide my clients and help with posing but not so much for myself. We were excited to work with Brittney Nestle Photography again, Brittney photographed our maternity portraits so how fitting for her to do our first family portraits! You would think by now I would stop trying to straighten my hair during warmer months, it turns into a big frizzy mess with the slightest hint of humidity, I promise I have learned my lesson :) Currently I am obsessed with black and white photos so it was quite a treat to receive a B&W copy of each photo. I am all about color and thrive to produce bright colorful images for my own clients but personally I have more black and white photos in our home than anything else. Brooke is usually all smiles 24/7 but she had just woke up for a nap and although we worked hard for smiles all she gave us was a couple smirks. She slept the whole way home and of course woke up grinning from ear to ear as usual. I told my husband I will use these as our before photos. We both got FitBit's and a new workout routine a couple days after this session so we are excited to get some portraits in a few months when we have slimmed down a little. We don't really eat unhealthy at all (mostly unprocessed and organic) but we don't have time to go to the gym with a baby, two dogs and LOTS of working. I always joke that we have 3 different wardrobes..pre-relationship, pre-marriage and pre-baby so we are now going to work on post-baby! So check us out with our pride and joy, this baby girl that makes our whole world better.


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