Life, Lately. // Baby Girl Brooke!

We went in on Thursday night for my induction. Boy oh boy, nothing prepared me for that long 4 day journey and I came so very close to a C section because this girl was stubborn. I had some great nurses and I was quite pleasant for the first 6 hours until they stripped my membrane, that was worse than delivery! They broke my water a few hours later to get things moving and kept upping the Pitocin, still nothing. The doctor came in at hour 31 and said 9cm, 9cm! 9! "let's try to practice pushes". I thought , hey I could use some practice because I have no idea what I am doing, so 3 practice pushes in they broke down the table and it was time. I was so sleep deprived that this whole part is a bit fuzzy, 31 hours of labor is almost a whole work week! All I know is I got that girl out quick! When I wasn't pushing I was using my muscles to hold her there so she did not regress, I think I pushed a total of 4 times. (Sidenote: that is the slowest count to 10 I have ever heard, I believe in Mississippi-less counting, I stand firm on that). She was here, 10 finger, 10 toes, lots of hair, and she was so calm and alert. I used to dream about my reaction to meeting our daughter for the first time. I thought for sure I would cry and be a complete emotional mess but I was completely calm and partially in shock. When they first said her weight I almost fell off the table, there was no way that tiny baby weighed 9 lbs! She was so little but she was solid. I was also still in shock that I just pushed out a baby, ME!? There were so many people in the room doing stuff to me, with wires and tubes coming from every part of my body, nurses cleaning, family talking to me...and it was all a blur, I could not take my eyes off of my baby, I just wanted to hold her and nurse her, and even when she was finally in my arms I still did not cry. The crying came later, after I was moved to our room I was able to shower and eat while she was in the nursery getting cleaned up. I zombie walked to my bed (you know, because you literally can't walk after birth, nobody told me that), and asked hubby to go get my baby. I instantly fell in love, I barely slept and not because I couldn't, we had tons of help, but because there was an intense fear that if I took my eyes off of her I would miss a tiny movement or noise. So while my husband and new baby were sleeping I was crying, crying happy tears from being so blessed. I feel so lucky to be a mother, her mother. So here she is, little miss BROOKE ANNELIESE WILEY. She entered the world on November 15th at 6:04am, weighing 9 lbs 5 oz and 21 inches long! I tried very hard to get some sleepy baby photos that I love oh so much but this girl was bright eyed for her mama!


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